Bass Repair Slideshow

The Story

In February 2013 a group of CSVM students learned, through a Chicago Sun-Times article by Dave Hoekstra, about the plight of a local musician. John Bany, revered veteran of the Chicago jazz community and a Skokie resident, was at one of his regular weekly gigs when his bass was accidentally dropped and badly damaged. The students contacted John and offered to repair the bass at no charge.

The project took just over five months to complete, from mid-February to the end of July, and the result was pleasing for everyone involved. The students gained invaluable experience in complicated repair techniques, and John got his bass back as good as new. The best part of the experience for us at CSVM was the opportunity to get to know John, who is not only a wonderful musician, but one of the nicest people we know! Our thanks to Mike Blaa for introducing us to John!